My voice You shall hear

I woke up this morning with my task list heavy on my mind, and quite honestly the very first thing I thought about upon waking. “Move Hannah’s desk into her room”…”get room (& home) ready for family arriving this afternoon” … “spend time with God”… “finish the yard”… “sort through the paper pile on my husband’s desk”… topped the list.… Read more →

60 minutes of stillness

I smirk at the handful of selfies my nieces took one evening, maxing out the memory on my phone.

I discover these while the kids and I practice sitting quietly for 60 minutes.  We are all in separate parts of our home; I’m teaching Hannah and Dawson the importance of “being still” and how GOOD it is for the soul.  I get the best seat in the house [this time]… on our back porch.  I sit and hear the tree branches swaying, nearby traffic, and birds chirping.

I am shocked my kids haven’t let out a peep [pun intended] since asking them to go find a place to sit and be still… and alone.  Did they fall asleep?

My eyes shift to my neighbor working in his yard– oh wait, here he comes carrying a dog… our dog!  Dash got out again.  Help, Lord!  Maybe we should change his name since he is simply living out his name?

My eyes now center on our yard.  I am thankful for the trees and space for our kids and every kid to explore.

My mind shifts from pondering to praying.

God, thank you that you are with me 24/7.

You know my innermost thoughts before I do.  

Please fill me up and check my heart and motives. 

Meet my children, Lord, as they take time to be still.  

Teach them. And please don’t ever stop teaching me.  

I glance over at my phone… only 4 minutes before quiet time is over.  3 1/2 minutes now before the silence is broken.  SILENCE is something I don’t seek often but something I crave after I find it.

My prayer continues, but now rushed.

Thank you, Lord, for this tiny moment of downtime.  Thank you for refreshing me, and thank you for refreshing my kids.  This hour of “being still” was good, really good and my heart is at rest.  I give you —


Lord, I give – [Hey, mommmmm!  Is it time?"]

["Yes, D.  Come on down."]  

Lord, I give you now.