Seek Me

A word came to me. In the midst of the mundane, these words came… “Do you know how amazing you are? I am so sorry for all that you’ve been […]

Beauty in the pause

Yesterday afternoon, my younger two kiddos embraced the sunny fall outdoors while big sis was at play practice.  Dawson picked up our only blue rake and went to work, redirecting […]

Just sit, Momma.

I remember when my awesome Dawson was 7.  He’s 10 now and just as persistent. I recall a moment with clarity and humility when he followed me around our home begging […]

A joy of full measure

Elle Grace.  Her name means “woman (girl) of JOY”. She leads our family forth in gladness.  She climbs onto our laps with book in hand, grinning and grunting the familiar […]

Tea of humility

I recently attended a tea party with Hannah, my 12-year-old daughter. It was lovely. What wasn’t lovely was the (before) process of getting ready that left me sporting a tween […]

Perfection became my prison

Last month, I shared my first solo message at Overflow Church [sermon series: Windows]. A deep unsettling grew on the inside of me as Sunday drew near. Everything in me […]

Coloring eggs after Easter

It took us awhile to figure out that as a pastoral family, we needed to move our Easter meal to late afternoon and that hiding/finding baskets could not take place […]

Finding your voice

My voice was held captive for over 20 years. Since first discovering my ABCs, I noticed (as best as a toddler could) that my speech was different from those around […]