Sermon notes from a wife on “Great Love and Sex”

Sharing the love from sermon 3 from our marriage series: “Great Love and Sex begins…” WITH SAYING YES TO THE HARD THINGS With an identity that is SECURE IN CHRIST. This is vital for any marriage. With a faith that is ALIVE AND ACTIVE. What you cling to won’t last unless it’s anchored to Jesus Christ and storms are not… Read more →

Sermon notes from a wife on “How to Love Right in a Wrong World”

We’re in the midst of a marriage series right now and I’d like to highlight a few points from sermon 1, “How to Love Right in a Wrong World?” RIGHT LOVE HAS THE RIGHT FOCUS, FRAMEWORK and FOUNDATION. This is key. If you’re married and find yourself frustrated because maybe after hearing this—you realize WAIT… when we got married we… Read more →

Follow Me

My morning devotional began with Follow Me. Easier said than done, right? We have this ugly unseen thing called the flesh that wants us comfortable and self-serving… persuasively begging each of us to follow “me” (lowercase m), as in whatever pleases the flesh. But God wants greater for us. And when that “greater” comes, it’s not even for us. It’s for… Read more →

Consider your stones this Christmas & New Year

Brian and I just returned from a 27-hour getaway to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary. This is one of my favorite times of the year not only because I get to have downtime with my husband in surroundings adorned with festive Christmas décor on an unhurried date night out, but also because we get the chance to reexamine our marriage… Read more →