Refresh my soul



The first thing that came to mind as I saw this word above an entryway was “refresh my soul”.  What does that even look like?

It may look like many things…

  • a quick nap on the couch
  • gathering of hands at the dinner table before eating a meal
  • talking with my husband after a long day’s work
  • a glass of water with plenty of ice cubes
  • getting together with a small group of women to share “real life, real situations, real stories” so that our souls are encouraged one by one
  • getting up earlier than I’d like so that I can spend some extra “uninterrupted” time in the Word before my kids get up
  • watching Hannah and Dawson interact on the playgroundsecuredownload-4
  • lighting a candle and sitting still
  • playing worship music overhead as I prepare breakfast
  • giving baby Elle a lotion massage before putting on her jammies
  • meeting up with a friend to catch up
  • having my 7-year-old son read to me
  • slowly going through my email with freshly brewed coffee in hand
  • blogging as my kiddos sleep
  • seeing someone’s face light up as they “get the message of Jesus Christ” for the first time (this one is my favorite!)
  • bringing someone a gift or word of encouragement
  • watching a movie with my hubby after the kids are down for the night
  • shopping with my 10-year-old Hannah girl for her birthday
  • savoring Elle’s smilesecuredownload-3
  • preparing my heart for Tuesday night prayer
  • singing songs in my home (out loud) and hearing my kids do the same
  • crafting with the kids
  • watching Jesus transform lives


I know first and foremost my soul is refreshed as I seek the Lord in everything and with my whole life (mind, heart, soul and strength).  The days I fall short, I feel it almost immediately.  It manifests in ways of stress, lack of peace and “grumpy gus” syndrome.  Can you relate?  🙂

If so, STOP…

where you are,

whatever it is you are doing,

and spend a few minutes in God’s word and/or begin praying until His peace comes.  When that happens, your soul will be refreshed.

Practically speaking, what does this mean?

[If you have little ones under foot and you are short on patience, drop to your knees in your living room and pray  — you are teaching them about humility and dependence on God.]

[If you are at work, go to the nearest restroom and pray — take it to the next level and pray for the co-worker who challenges you.  It may open a conversation about “your God”.]

[If you are with a friend on the phone and catch yourself grumbling (& as a result, your friend is now grumbling too) —  speak up and apologize for your critical attitude and let your friend know you really need to hang up to spend some time in God’s word before the conversation goes any further.]


How do I know?  Because the above are examples from my own life.  Ahhhh, humility is so tough but so good for the soul.

How is your soul refreshed?


I will fully satisfy the needs of those who are weary and fully refresh the souls of those who are faint.

 Jeremiah 31:25

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