It’s JUST almond oil

I’ve been on a mountaintop-high experience with the Lord all week, looking back to remember the Lord’s goodness through the years… thank-filled, heart full, and having a great “mom” week too (bonus).  Then it happened.  I got sick, really sick, and so did 18-month-old baby Elle.

I fell from an incredible mountaintop moment into an ailing valley pretty quickly.  Have you been there?  Are you there now?  I went from skipping through my home (not really but picture it in the spiritual sense) to being bedridden for over 60 hours.  All I could do was sleep.  And be grumpy.  Thankfully, my sickness was planned at the start of spring break, so our family schedule was light.  My hubby put on his cape and went into Superman mode.

A friend stopped over to check on me.  I was humbled by this as my home was completely trashed (and so was I).  My friend didn’t care. She was on mission to love and take care of me.  I later discovered that she not only picked up our home with the help of Hannah girl, but finished up the laundry left undone in my dining room.


That afternoon when all was quiet on the Bennett home front, I heard Hannah and Dawson up to something in the kitchen.  No idea why I had to check it out since Brian was home [maybe out of boredom or owning the title of a hover momma] but I pulled myself together and headed downstairs.  Curious faces greeted me as tiny hands stayed busily working on kitchen creations.  No dad in view.  My eyes continued to scan the room, stopping at an almost empty bottle of [expensive] almond oil next to a glass Mason jar.


[Calm down, Cindy… deep breath.]

Internally, I was struggling and an unpleasant momma-lion roar wanted to announce my arrival.  I vented quietly.  Why am I so mad?  It’s JUST almond oil.  Maybe, that’s why.  This was a special purchase, purposed for something I had in mind. Can’t I just go buy another bottle?  Let it go, Cindy.  My flesh fought back… I had purposed THIS bottle for something other than fun kitchen creations.  Arrgh.  But wait, we used this (same) oil for Hannah’s birthday spa craft just few weeks ago. That’s what they’re up to… imitation.  Let it go!  The oil can be replaced, this moment is irreplaceable. As I pondered all of this within, I felt the Lord softening my heart, disarming my tone, SO THAT this moment would not be ruined, SO THAT in God’s grace and intervention I could pass the test (this time).

So with a changed heart and face softening, I uttered:

“Hey guys, what’s up?” 

“Oh, nothing.  Just making something.”

{slight grin} Okay, I’ll be upstairs if you need me.”

Thankful for keeping my flesh in check, I walked back up the stairs and took another nap.

That evening, I felt better and could sit up finally.  Sluggishly, I walked down the stairs to join my family.  Hannah and Dawson greeted me with what I can best describe as a lively-Christmas-morning squeal, “Mom… Dad, stay right here.  We’ll be right baaack.”

Within minutes they bounced back in, and plopped to their knees with a glass jar in 7-year-old Dawson’s hand.  Inside this jar was something he had worked so very carefully on earlier in the day, something of high value…

..a jar of handmade almond oil scrub, created special for his daddy’s feet.

Choked up, I sat holding back the tears, and my thoughts drifted…

So thankful for this time-standing-still moment.  So thankful I responded with gentleness in the kitchen just hours earlier (this time). So thankful I held my tongue (this time).  So thankful I didn’t freak out over a bottle of almond oil (this time).

I emphasize (this time) because I want you to know that as a human I’m a work in progress.  Most of the time I don’t get it right.  Most of the time I speak before I think.  Most of the time I’m frantically trying to make it out the front door with 3 kids in time for the next thing.  Most of the time I’m not fully present with my kids or hubby.  Most of the time I take on too much and stress myself out.

But (this time) I did it right and I want to celebrate this ONE success.  Why?  Because I think there are others out there who can relate to my story and we need to do more celebrating of the small stuff.  My almond oil example may be your “child flipping his bowl of Cheerios over” or “obsession with keeping a clean home” or “spouse shutting down” or “communication breakdown with a friend” or “job struggles” or “tough financial reality”– whatever the case, pause long enough to discern if it’s a…

J U S T almond oil moment.

And if so, respond with a God-given grace, and don’t forget to celebrate (those tiny yet huge baby steps) moving forward.

4 thoughts on “It’s JUST almond oil

  1. Me too! Wish we could have “do-overs” in life… but thank goodness for God’s bucket loads of grace that covers our shortcomings! Don’t know what I’d do without those. Lucia, You are such a blessing and an incredible “Aunt Lucie” to our children. They adore you in more ways that I can count. You are a special one. 🙂

  2. This is something I wrote by the GRACE OF GOD…..sort of ties in with the little things that upset us, which, most of the time, are a “big waste of time” And as always. , “The Dove” is my Dear Friend,
    “The Holy Spirit =”PEACE


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